International Translation Services Limited is a company with international experience, with a portfolio of over 50 translators authorized by Ministry of Justice of Romania and over 11 years of experience in the field.

Because we have proved our professionalism, promptness and unbeatable prices we treat our customers with, we have grown exponentially each year.

So, we decided to overcome the borders of Romania and to help our fellow countrymen gone away from home, but not only, in performing with professionalism the translations from 30 languages, see the service offer.

The certified translations are those documents performed by translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice of Romania.

At our translation office from London, you will you find all our availability in performing the documents that have to be translated and certified.

Certified translations are the translations made by translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice of Romania.

In case of a certified translation, besides the signature notarization, it must also be attached a photocopy of the original document translated.

The notary public must have the specimen signature of the authorized translator whose signature he legalizes, specimen applied on the copy of the Authorization as a certified translator.

For the translations that require notarization, you do not have to waste time searching notaries to legalize the authorized translations, because we can facilitate you the legalization of the authorized translation.

Later, you will be able to take possession of the notarized translations directly to our office or through any other way mutually agreed.

Over 50 translators

Professionalism & promptness

11 years of experience

Translations from 30 languages

Ambasada Traduceri Autorizate Legalizate cu traducatori inregistrati la Consulat si Ambasada 

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Embassy – Authorized Translations Legalized with registered translators at the Consulate and the Embassy
I T I Members – Translators and interpreters enrolled in the UK Translation and Interpretation Institute
FCO Legalization – Legalization Agency registered with the UK Foreign Office. Certificate for Apostille in one hour
ICO Member – Personal data, invoices, online transactions, emails, are managed by secure servers, providing full security to customers